9–16.8.2015 BRAINY 7 YOUTH

9–16.8.2015 BRAINY 7 YOUTH

The 6th year was from the first second characterized by a euphoric atmosphere and rounded off with this claim – the best so far. We had considered during our preparations that, for our regulars, the camp may already be a bit of a bore after the 3rd to 6th time.

On a trial basis, we allowed Eliška to join us, whose mother demanded her daughter’s participation. Seven years old… what was the result? In a year we are introducing the categories 6–8 and 9–12 years – Brainy 7 kids.

So that we have a bit more to offer the 13–18 year-old kids, we are now starting with German in combination with English.

Until we meet in 2016

07–14.8.2016 BRAINY 7 youth 13–18 years (we’ll even accept 20 year-olds)

21–28.8.2016 BRAINY 7 kids 6–12 years

SAMKO, 16 years old, Bratislava

A beautiful summer week. An individual approach and teaching combined with fun. I’ve been coming here for 3 years and in that time I’ve learned more than in a whole year at school. Personally, I hate languages, but here I like it. The sports, and the evening program, a consider relaxation – an unwinding from everything. The atmosphere is very familiar. I like that the teachers are not like in school, where they’re like “do this”, “you don’t know this” and so on, but they have an individual approach. Personally it suits me.

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