The year 2009 was groundbreaking for me in so many ways. I got married, twice! But don’t worry, it was to the same man :-) We renovated our apartment, and went on our first real holiday together. And (if I weren’t afraid what my husband would say, I’d write “most importantly” :-D) I got to know Janka Lajčáková. I’d go as far as to claim that our first meeting was a powerful experience for both of us, and we knew that we wanted to work together.

In the beginning however, we were colleagues only on a very limited basis, due to the fact that I had a full-time job; I took on my very first student. In a month, two more students had joined. I was really impressed by Janka’s approach to management; she was at once professional and forthright, and yet also exceptionally good-natured and approachable. Soon, I had caught the “Brainy method bug” – finally someone had given me guidance, so to speak, as to how I should teach, and how to do so effectively. The whole Brainy experience was so enthralling for me, that in 2010 I decided to leave my full-time job and set out on a new journey as a freelancer working for Brainy. The going was slow at the start – I was given more students, and Janka and I started to work on some projects together (a children’s summer course, translations and interpreting, etc.); administrative work was also gradually added to my duties. After some time, we had come to the point where I was mostly responsible for organizational matters; particularly where it concerned corporate courses, residentials in the international Brainy centre for language and training in Krásno, and my “favorite” – the department of translations and interpreting. From the beginning of 2010 I was functioning as the manager of that department, and as a course organiser. In 2012 I became the manager of Brainy – although I was never officially able to try my hand at it, because in August I found two lines on a test. In March 2013, I began my maternity leave, and for a while no one heard anything about me..

In November 2013 I met Janka for coffee – unofficially, casually. I realised that I wanted to return to work in Brainy after my maternity leave finished. However, I still wished to stay at home for a while longer – my little son was only 7 months old then, so I couldn’t imagine leaving him. What followed was a somewhat hazy period – Janka and I were in contact regularly, but we weren’t able to get any professional projects off the ground. Every time we thought that we’d found something that we might do together, something came along and “spoiled” it. It came to the point where, in August last year, Janka told me that she wanted to work with me, but this time as a full partner – let’s start something together. Wow! Am I imagining things, or did Janka Lajčáková just offer me the opportunity to set up a company together? Apparently she did, I understood correctly. A lot of people are asking me how I felt. At first I was astonished. What followed was a huge feeling of gratitude and honour. I can only believe that Janka saw in me exactly what Brainy needed – new wind for her sails. The ship is called BrainyL2H, and she has just set sail in a new adventure. We’re all looking forward to our voyage together

Mgr. Ivana Hološ Šimakova
Managing Director, BrainyL2