Once again, my communication is better. Even though there was a lot to learn, it could be absorbed quickly. There was always a full schedule. Despite the fact that the course takes place in summer, I don’t feel like I lost out on anything – quite the opposite, the course came as a pleasant change. For Brainy it’s all in a day’s work, but this is anything but an ordinary program. The relaxation was always very welcome. But the drums are the best – there’s always so much energy. The evening schedule brought everyone together – the talent show was great, as were the acts everyone prepared for it.

GRETKA, 20 years old, Bratislava

The learning in Brainy is effective, intensive, and diverse – in a week I reckon you learn more than in a term at school. The teacher tried to use only English, which for me resulted more than once in my thinking or even dreaming in English. After the relaxation we felt more alive, and this helped us to concentrate on English. It was a great group of folks no matter what we were doing. The cooks did an amazing job, because the food was excellent.

Also, I liked that we had business English, where we learned so many things that wouldn’t be taught in school. For example, there was a lot of vocabulary that couldn’t even think of a Slovak translation for! Brainy is amazing every year.

MIŠKA, 17 years old, Žilina

The best week of my holidays – rest, little cups of tea, Adam’s thought-provoking anecdotes, Adam the English teacher. It wasn’t about geeking up on vocabulary. If I had the opportunity to go back, I wouldn’t have to think twice.

ANETKA, 15 years old, Považská Bystrica

 A journey into the lions’ den known as English – and back again


I’m the kind of case who psychologists, and their psychological research, would rejoice over.  I seem to have some kind of mental block that means I understand English (as a self-taught student) quite well. I can read aloud, apparently with a good accent. But for the love of God I can’t speak even a… There was only one chance for me, and it was probably the last, as the big five-O is relentlessly approaching – I had to find a method that would be friendly, even towards my “uncooperative” subconscious. The choice for me was clear, since I’d seen with my own eyes, and also heard, the kind of miracles that had been wrought upon my husband’s English after the courses in Krásno nad Kysucou. There were 3 of us at the course. We were like those well- known 3 wise monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil) – each in a different state of English-speaking impairment (one of us spoke English with Filipino grammar). The teacher scoped out the dynamics of our comic trio, and adjusted to our tempo. The teaching was based on a generous helping of communication, stories, and witty games. At an ordinary course, I don’t think we could have physically, or even psychologically, handled it. Almost 10 hours of drill. Body and soul were nurtured by stress-relieving techniques that sometimes made me feel like a kung-fu fighter. The most interesting thing was the “glasses” that induced a meditative, alpha-level state. I learned vocabulary like a rocket. When I got home, I used my first more-or-less fluent sentence in English in 30 years. I know I have to go forward on my own now, but they directed me and showed me how to do it, and I hope to go back there for some course of other. I also loved the archery. 

Danka Vlčková, independent artist, Dubnica nad Váhom

I went on this course with mixed feelings…


… because I’d heard both positive and negative reviews.

As for me, I was satisfied, and it definitely makes sense to do a language course in this format, because I’ve experienced for myself how things work when I go to English courses in Žilina. Before I get there in the morning, I’m already stressed out, because I have to make my son’s breakfast and elevenses, bring him to school – everything in a hurry. For the first 10 minutes of the lesson I’m still recovering, not to mention that after the lesson we dive right back into our professional responsibilities, so that in 2 hours I don’t even know what we took from the lesson. At your place, one doesn’t have to think about these kinds of everyday worries – we concern ourselves with our own wellbeing and with English. Also, when people meet others that they get on well with, then it’s great.

Maybe in my case I didn’t need to revise so much grammar, but the teacher had to accommodate the lesson to the entire class. I guess that’s normal at a group course.

We’ve already decided that we’d like to go back in August.

Bohuslava Trnovská, Žilina